I'm a professional proofreader, copyeditor, and owner of Forma Verba—a freelance editorial business specializing in proofreading transcripts for court reporters.


I established Forma Verba with a passion for refining text, attentive client service, and observation to detail in mind. I love seeing communication and writing at its most clear and effective best. I strive to produce excellent and quality work, and I enjoy working with people whose aims are the same. 


My experience includes proofing legal transcripts such as expert testimonies, hearings, and examinations under oath. I also edit and proofread a variety of professional texts, including conference presentations and peer-reviewed articles in the social sciences.

I have a particular appreciation in legal transcripts for its technical aspect and law culture which led me to complete Transcript Proofreading: Theory and PracticeTM , a course designed to enforce a thorough understanding of proofing legal transcripts. I also enjoy traditional copyediting where I enhance the author's voice while helping them potently deliver their message.


Other relevant experience includes:


  • native US English speaker
  • editing for non-native English speakers
  • working with UK English and US English
  • completing and excelling in college-level English 
  • knowledgeable with a variety of jargon including medical, legal, and business terminology


You may also download my resume here.


Whether it is helping you with proofing transcripts so they read as clean as possible or sharpening sentences so your message shines—I'd love to help you make sure your work looks its best. I'm available for a consultation if you'd like to discuss working together.




About Francesca