You have something to say, so don’t let errors distract your audience from what you want to convey. Making sure your work is polished shows your audience you take your work seriously and inspires confidence in what you are saying. 




If your document has already been edited and just needs someone to catch any typographical errors, then proofreading is your next step. 


What gets checked in proofreading includes:


  • spelling
  • grammar (syntax)
  • punctuation
  • misused words
  • formatting (spacing between words and sentences, mismatched fonts, alignment, proper numbering)
  • consistency (cross-reference table of contents, graphs, headings, subheadings, page numbers)





If your text needs a little more attention, I offer copyediting where I read through your writing and provide more in-depth suggestions. I make sure your writing is concise, consistent, clear, and correct while keeping your authentic voice.


Copyediting includes:


  • reducing wordiness and making sentences more concise
  • addressing awkward wording
  • verifying facts
  • clarifying anything that may be confusing


Please let me know if you have any style preferences. I am happy to work with them.


My method for copyediting is done with track changes software (Word, Google Docs). Proofreading can be done with track changes software or marking corrections directly on PDF.


Types of copy I work with include (but not limited to):


  • articles

  • essays

  • manuscripts

  • web copy

  • social media content

  • conference presentations

  • blogs

  • newsletters

  • marketing material


Proofreading and editing rates are based on requirements and turnaround of the job (and are in line with industry standards).


Please contact me to discuss your project and receive a quote. You may also send a small sample of your work to determine what type of editing your document requires.



Proofreading and Copyediting for Professionals and Writers